3.5bbl Direct Fire Brewhouse

Listed: 03/20/2024

Price: $12,000

Selling our original brewhouse that got us where we are today. It was put online mid 2018 and brewed on 4 times a month, until we retired it in mid 2021. We had originally planned on keeping it for Pilot Brews, but our plans have shifted and we need the space (and Money!). The Brewhouse was purchased brand new from Stout Tanks in Portland, OR. It includes the following: 3.5bbl Direct Fire Hot Liquor Tank with HERMS Coil (Max Capacity 130gal) Includes WARD Burner with Safety Controls 3.5bbl Mash Tun w/ False Bottom, Recirc Fittings, Sparge Arm (The most grain we’ve shoved into this was roughly 310lbs) 3.5bbl Direct Fire Boil Kettle with Whirlpool arm & Condensate stack. Includes WARD Burner with Safety controls. 2x Stainless Washdown 1/2hp Pumps to move between HLT and Mash, Mash to BK. 5bbl Stainless Washdown CPE Heat Exhanger Small Pre-Chiller to assist with knockout temps Bru-Gear Control Panel (Controls pumps, burners) It does offer a level of automation (turning off burners at temps, float switch on Mash Tun when Sparging), though we never set it up. Things can be monitored wirelessly, but again, we never took the time to set it up. All necessary valves, tri-clamps and gaskets will be included. We used Santoprene hoses that we cut to size to work best for our situation, they held up great for the hoses between the MT/BK and HLT/BK. A big roll can be purchased from Stout here: https://conical-fermenter.com/Santoprene-Hose-50-Feet-long.html?cat=62 We also have 2x 5′ heavy Duty Brewers Hoses for Knockout. We paid over $19,000 for everything brand new and are asking $12,000 OBO for this Setup. We do have a few other things for sale, check our other listings and we can possibly combine for a better deal. Brewhouse could easily be picked up and loaded into a small moving truck, or on a flatbed pickup. We do NOT have a forklift on site, but 2-3 people can lift and move these tanks.

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