NEW (Unused) Suspended Grist Case for 5 BBL System

Listed: 06/01/2024

Price: $990

NEW (Unused) Suspended Grist Case

  • Designed for a 5 BBL system
  • Manufactured by YoLong Brewtech
  • Stainless steel
  • Drawings are available
  • Compare at over $3,000 USD for NEW

Price and Shipping Info

  • $990 USD
  • Payment in equivalent Canadian currency can be negotiated
  • INCO terms: EXWORKS (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
  • Shipping and handling not included


Other Equipment Available

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  • Portland Kettle Works – Pressurized hop-back grant (35 Gallon)
  • Portland Kettle Works – 3-Head Keg Washer
  • YOLONG Cellar Tanks – Uni-Tanks (UT) in 5BBL and 10BBL sizes, and 10BBL Brite Tank (BT)
  • Walk-in Cooler, pump cart, etc. – SOLD
  • TRUE brand display fridge, pump cart, etc. – SOLD
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