NEW (Never Used) Portland Kettle Works 5 BBL Steam-Powered Brewing System

Listed: 06/01/2024

Price: $79,990

NEW (Never Used) Portland Kettle Works 5 BBL Steam-Powered Brewing System

Brand: Portland Kettle Works

  • 5 BBL system, with brewhouse, hot liquor tank, and premium accessories
  • Made in the USA
  • Capable of double-batch with 15 BBL HLT
  • Ready to ship – no lead time for manufacture
  • Never used and in storage at a warehouse

5 BBL “HOPMASTER” Steam Powered Brewhouse

  • 2-vessel system (plus HLT – see details below)

Brewing Kettle (BK)

  • Capacity: 7.4 BBL / 8.7 Hectoliter / 229 Gallon
  • Internal steam calandria with external steam jacket

Mash Tun (MT)

  • Capacity: 8.4 BBL / 9.9 Hectoliter / 259 Gallon
  • Equipped with a Valveless External Calandria (VEC)
  • Two-stage glycol heat exchanger
  • Hopmaster 5.0 Heat Exchanger
  • 2-Stage Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger


  • 26″ high non-skid brew deck
  • Sturdy 304 stainless steel tube frame

Hopmaster Admiralty Upgrade Package

  • Upgraded glass manway lids (hatches) instead of stainless steel on both mash tun and boil kettle
  • Laser Etched Graduation strip added beside sight tube on boil kettle
  • 2x pumps with VFDs
  • Integrated Brew House with 2 pumps running on variable frequency drives (VFD) that allows the brewer to precisely adjust the pump output from zero to 17 GPM (65 LPM) output
  • Swing link manifold features a 304 stainless steel laser-etched brewer’s manifold for diverting wort through the brewing process.
  • Includes 100% sanitary hard piping
  • Site glass swing arm – allows visual inspection of wort moving through every stage of the brewing process
  • Sample port swing arm- allows on-the-fly sampling of wort moving through every stage of the brewing process

Electrical Control Panel

  • Electrical and control panel built to 508A UL Standard
  • Aids in inspector approval as a recognized standard of engineering and manufacturing
  • 4-20mA output temperature controls on VEC for modulating steam valve (valve provided by others).
  • Automate the control of your mash by setting a digital set point.
  • 4-20mA output temperature controls on knockout for modulating water valve (valve provided by others).
  • Automate your knockout temperature by setting a digital set point.
  • 110v output on boil kettle controls for on/off steam valve.
  • This allows the brewer to maintain lower set points, and shuts off steam when hitting the emergency shut off valve.

Hot Side Cellar Pack: includes butterfly valves, 100’ brewers hose, all tri-clamps, Band-it

  • Tool, and Band-it Bands
  • Mash Paddle: appropriately sized paddle for mixing, stirring and scraping
  • Grain-Out Hoe: appropriately sized, custom-made 304 stainless steel handle and base with UHMW blade
  • Manifold Mixing valve assembly with control of strike water temperature and flow for a mash hydrator
  • Flowmeter Stainless steel, digital flowmeter displaying temperatures and volumes transferred
  • Hot-side aeration assembly – Wort aeration assembly including thermometer, thermowell, site glass, and aeration stone for wort aeration from the plate chiller to fermentation vessels.
  • Grist Hydrator – The Hydrator collar attached between the Grist Case and Mash Tun assures a thorough wetting of the grist on the way into the mash tun.

Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) – 15 BBL; Steam Powered

  • Includes pump with VFD
  • The large capacity HLT design allows for zero downtime when double batching, clean-in-place (CIP), and keg washing
  • Capacity: 15.0 BBL / 17.6 hectoliter / 465 Gallon
  • Fully insulated stand-alone HLT vessel heated by internal calandria that continually agitates the HLT, resulting in a consistent liquor temperature throughout the vessel
  • Auto-fill level sensor and controls are included to allow you to top off your tank without over-filling

Price and Shipping Info

  • Package price: $79,990 USD
  • Shipping and handling not included
  • INCO terms: EXWORKS (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
  • This package operates as a system; therefore, we are not willing to separate it
  • Payment in equivalent Canadian currency can be negotiated


Other Equipment Available

  • Portland Kettle Works – 3-Head Keg Washer
  • Portland Kettle Works – Pressurized hop-back grant (35 Gallon)
  • YOLONG Grist-Case (suspended above MLT) for 5 BBL system
  • YOLONG Fermenting Tanks – 5 BBL and 10 BBL
  • AUTOMATIC LPE500 – grain milling machine
  • TRUE Display fridge – SOLD
  • Walk-in Cooler, pump cart, etc. – SOLD
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