5BBL Brewhouse, Fermenters, Brite Tanks, etc.

Listed: 04/20/2024

Price: $99,000

We are selling off our brand new, still packaged brewing equipment…. Unfortunately we never opened due to some partner issues. All items for sale were purchased brand new from Blichmann. We spent over $140k, but now need to sell at a loss to move onward & close this partnership down. FINANCING is lined up if you qualify (thru E-Lease) and I can definitely refer you for FREIGHT options. THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES (many more items, but this is a compressed listing): -Blichmann Pro Brewing 5BBL Brewhouse (BK, MT, HLT) with all accessories etc. -Control panel, brewers stand, heat exchanger, pumps, HERMS coil, oxygenation kit, pipework -Advantage BCD-3A Glycol Chiller -QTY 3 – Pro Series 5BBL Fermenters with all accessories. -QTY 1 – Pro Series 10BBL Fermenter with all accessories. -QTY 6 – Pro Series 5BBL Bright Tanks with all accessories. -QTY 1 – Pro Series 10BBL Bright Tank with all accessories. -Pro Series Temperature Controller (cellar control) -Grain mill with 65lb hopper -1HP brewers cart pump -Brewers tool kit (mash paddles, scoop, scrub brush more!) -Keg Washer **We need closure for this failed partnership, so please PM me today. I will provide a detailed list of all items included and help in any way I can to see if this system is a good fit for you.

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