CBK 5 Head Automatic Canning Line

Listed: 01/24/2024

Price: $20,000

For sale is a CBK 5-5-1 automatic can filler and seamer. Manual infeed with a small accumulation table, five CO2 purge heads, five filling heads, back-gassed lid applicator, and single seamer. Short conveyor outfeed. Runs at 25-35cpm, depending on how fast you can feed and offload cans. We ran this filling our core brands (kolsch, oatmeal stout, WC IPA) smoothly at 38F tank temps. Set up for 12oz cans, can be set up to use 16oz cans. Can be run by one operator if needed, super easy to run with two. Needs 120v single phase power, and compressed air. We ran this using a pancake compressor from Harbor Freight with no issues.

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