Wild Goose WG-250 (Entire Line)

Listed: 11/10/2023

Price: $85,000

Castle Danger Brewery Packaging Line

$85,000.00 or best offer – Entire Line (Depal, Twist Rinse, WG-250 Canning Line, PakTech CCA-120, Spare Parts included) Motivated to sell the entire line as a package.  Inquiries can be directed to Jeff:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (701) 429-1521


1.       Wild Goose (WG-250) 5 fill head canning line.

a.       Upgraded from 4 fill head to 5 in 2019

b.       Regular maintenance by experienced crew

c.        DO Buster & custom-made tunnel to reduce TPO and DO pick up

d.       Runs up to 50 cans per minute

e.       Adjustable for 12 oz & 16 oz standard cans – chucks and seam ops set up for Superend lids (We used crown cans and lids)

f.        Spare parts package  – covers all most probable needed parts

i.      All pneumatic cylinders, seam ops, chuck, pneumatic electronic cylinders, etc…

g.       See attached spec sheet for more details. Our line has all the options available, all in working order and good condition.

2.       Wild Goose Depal

a.       Standard manual lift depal with automation of pushing cans onto conveyor into twist rinse.

b.       Upgraded the light and sound alarm to alert team when layer has finished and needs to be moved up to the next layer

c.       Can shell pallet jack specifically for depal included (4 pumps for 12 oz cans, 5 for 16 oz cans)

d.       Spare fuses included

3.       Wild Goose Twist Rinse

a.       Adjustable for 12 oz & 16 oz standard cans

b.       Modified to use a date code printer head for date coding bottom of cans. (We use a Domino date coder)

c.       Easy to use, easy adjustable

d.       Customized to use ionized air rinse rather than water to reduce TPO

4.       Pak-Tech CCA-120

a.       Adjustable for 12 oz & 16 oz standard cans

b.       spare parts included


·         No spec sheets for twist rinse or depal, but both are in good working condition with no issues

·         Complete changeover from 12 oz to 16 oz for entire set up is about 45-60 minutes

·         Canning Line Spare parts package valued at $10,500 (all spare parts included in price above)

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