20 bbl steam brewhouse

Listed: 06/19/2024

Price: $215,000

Brand New 20BBL brewhouse. Bought equipment during Covid for expansion and never used it. Also have a warehouse to rent or purchase if your interested, in St. Helens, OR.

1.1 Malt Miller [500~800kg/hr] 1set
1.2 Flexible Auger 1set
1.3 1500L Grist Silo 1set
1.4 Milling Controling Cabinet 1set
Part 2: 25HL Brewhouse
2.1 25HL Mash Tun 1set

2.2 25HL Lauter Tun 1set
2.3 25HL Kettle/Whirlpool Tun 1set
2.4 50HL Hot Water Tank 1set
2.5 Non-slip Work Plateform 1set
2.6 Sanitary Centrifugal Pump [LYSF] 4sets
2.7 Sanitary Piping 1set
2.8 Valves and Fittings 1set
2.9 Auto Water Mixing Station 1set
2.10 Manual Wort Cooling Station 1set
2.11 Pipeline Instrument Sensor 1unit
2.12 Wort Balance Column 1set
2.13 25M2 Heat Exchanger [304SS NANHUA] 1set
2.14 Pipe Filter 1set
2.15 Wort Aeration Station 1set
2.16 50L Yeast Feeder 1set
2.17 Lamp on the top of Tank 1set
2.18 Chimney according to design 1set
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– 2 –
2.19 Sink&Cooler 1set
2.20 Platform 1set
2.21 Pnuematic Flap valve for Lauter Tun 1set
2.22 IFM Temperature Transmitter 2sets
2.23 Burkert Water Mixing Station Pneumatic
Adjustable Angle Seat Valve
2.24 IFM Empty Material Level Switch(Mash
pump and wort pump ) 2sets
2.25 Pnuematic Flap valve for hydrator 1set
2.26 IFM Pressure Transmitter for Wort
Balance Column
Part 3: Fermentation Unit
3.1 2500L Fermentation Unitank(Spunding
valve) 4sets
3.2 2500L Bright Beer Tank 2sets
3.3 5L Dry hopping Device 1unit
3.4 102mm Butterfly Vavles 5sets
Part 4: Glycol Cooling Unit
4.1 2500L Glycol Water Tank 1set
4.2 5000L Cold Liquor Tank 1set
4.3 10HP Glycol Water Chiller 2sets
4.4 Glycol Water Pipeline(UPVC) 1unit
Part 5: Electric Control Unit
5.1 Brewhouse Control Cabinet (UL and PLC
Control) 1set
5.2 Fermentation Control Cabinet (UL) 1set
5.3 Pneumatic valve 40sets
5.4 VPN for Remote Control 1set
5.5 Rotating Touch Screen 1set
Part 6: 200L Portable CIP Cart [Two Tanks]
6.1 200L Single Wall Caustic Tank 1set
6.2 200L Single Wall Acid Tank 1set
6.3 Sanitary Centrifugal Pump 1set
6.4 Sanitary Piping 1set
6.5 Valves and Fittings 1set
6.6 Portable Trolly 1set
6.7 CIP Controling Cabinet 1set
Part 7: Spare Parts & Tools
7.1 Spare Parts for brewhouse 1set
7.2 Spare Parts for fermentation 1set
7.3 Spare Parts for control 1set
7.4 Spare Parts for CIP 1set
7.5 Standard Installation Tools 1set
Part 8: Keg Filling Unit
8.1 1-Station Keg Filler 1set
8.2 2-Station 2-Tank Auto Keg Rinser 1set
Part 9: Kegs
USA Standard 1/2BBL Kegs 200sets
USA Standard 1/6BBL Kegs 100sets

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