KHS PET Line With Capacity Of 18000 BPH

Listed: 02/06/2024

Price: $448,379

This line includes:

  • Sidel SBO16/16 Roue Blow Moulding Machine.
  • KHS Innofill Threeblock Washer, Filler And Capper With Capacity of 18.000 BPH.
  • Metec Promecon 3000 Bottle Inspection Machine For PET Bottles.
  • KHS Synchrweiche Bottle Sorter And Conveyor.
  • ZVT PSP 042 BZ Shrink Packer For PET Bottles.
  • Twin Pack MGE Flexible Applicator Handles.
  • ZVT TSP 030 VZ Shrink Packer For PET Bottles.
  • Twinpack MD Metel Plastic Handle Applicator For Cases.


For more information on this listing, please contact Ken Medicino at [email protected] or click here to visit the listing page.

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