1000L Alcohol Distillery Equipment

Listed: 03/13/2024

Price: $39,000

The 1000l distillery equipment consists of a pot made of copper, glass, and copper columns combined, a partial condenser, and a condenser, which are heated using steam or electricity. The distillery equipment is a single unit designed to meet and exceed the needs of start-up distilleries and can be used as advanced test distillery equipment for mature distilleries of whisky, gin, fruit brandy, rum, wine spirits. Chenma provides a complete distillation process system including mash tun, fermentation tank, spirit storage tanks, wine tanks, etc. Specification: The inner tank is made of TP2 copper and the wall thickness is 3mm Heating method: interlayer steam heating Copper head Copper material separator Tower column: sight glasses and trays Stainless steel gold blue and stainless steel condenser Stainless steel bracket with collection bucket CIP cleaning pump Configuration: 1. Still Pot Actual volume 1250L, Working volume 1000L Inner pot: red copper T2, thickness: 3m Dished head: red copper T2, thickness: 3m Jacketed: SUS304, thickness: 4mm Insulated: 50mm, PU Stirring motor: explosion-proof mixer 0.37KW/46rpm(EX) Outer shell: SUS304, thickness: 2mm Temperature control: PT100 Heating method: 2*10KW electric heating rods With glass manhole, CIP cleaning ball, safety valve, sight light, steam trap, etc. 2. Still Column Material: red copper T2, thickness: 3mm Red copper tubes, each tray has bubble caps, and with CIP cleaning balls, Drain valve, thermometer 3. Dephlegmator Material: Red copper T2, thickness:3mm With cooling water inlet and outlet 4. Gin Basket Material: SUS304 Size: 4″ Features: you can put plant spices, fumigate scented wine, such as gin 5. Condenser Material: SUS304, thickness: 3mm Size: 6″, 900mm With cooling water inlet and outlet 6. CIP Pump Category: Sanitary centrifugal pump Power: 0.75KW (explosion-proof) Flow rate: 3T/H, head 24m Working medium: water Working temperature: 10-100℃ Features: Can clean the distillation kettle, copper head, column, gin basket Material: SUS304, thickness: 2mm 7. Multifunctional lockers Control Box Material: SUS304 Sight light, motor, CIP pump Complete engineering support and onsite installation! Please contact us for more details! Shandong Chenma Machinery Co., Ltd Email: [email protected] Tel:0086-531-83602331 Cel/Whats App:008613789827830 Website: www.sdchenma.com

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