Newlands/NSI 5hl. Electric brewpub system.

Listed: 03/03/2024

Price: $40,000

This is a 1997 Newlands/NSI electric brewhouse and tank setup. Quality Stainless. V-Wire MLT over an single 15,000W element electric HLT Beside a 2×15,000W element kettle/WP. Includes  platform, 2 heat exchangers, valves, fittings, sight glasses, pumps, a cart pump, 2-5hl. Unitanks and 3-5hl. Brite tanks, and 1-10 bbl. Unitank. I recommend new controls. It does not include a chiller. I will consider separating some the equipment, especially the 10bbl Unitank. It is currently in storage. It was last used by Appalachian Brewing Co. 

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