15BBL Brewhouse – Steam Heated

Listed: 05/09/2024

Price: $12,000

I purchased this Brewhouse set up a couple months ago but it looks like my company is going in a different direction. This is a used 15BBL Mash Tun & Boil Kettle. They are designed for a more efficient brew day with steam evenly filling the inner lining to heat rather than direct fire or electric elements below.

Since these are taking up space I need for the smaller system I’ll be happy to throw in the Auger & Grain Mill that came with them. Plus they are way to big for my 3bbl system.

The only thing you’ll need is a steam generator we were quoted about $5k for one that will work with this system.

Everything is palletized and ready to be shipped. Buyer is responsible for rigging & shipping costs.

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