Used Prospero SK 15 bbl combi steam brehouse

Listed: 01/13/2024

Price: $41,550

Used Prospero SK 15 bbl steam combi brewhouse – 15 bbl combi vessel with MLT and HLT, motorized rake and drop down grain out arm, 15 bbl steam brewkettle, integrated brewers platform with hard piping, dual stage heat exchanger, pumps, and brewhouse controls. The system includes a cone bottom grist case. The system was built in late 2014 and installed in 2015. It remains in excellent shape and is available for rigging and shipping immediatley. The system is still installed but will be available to ship end of January. Also avaialable at additional cost – Prospero 15 and 30 fv’s and bbt’s, G&D chiller, and malt mill.

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