Listed: 07/02/2024

Price: $15,000

For Sale: Micro Bottler CP19 Benchtop-4 Head Bottling Line

We are offering a Micro Bottler CP19 Benchtop-4 Head Bottling Line, perfect for small to medium-scale bottling operations. This reliable and efficient bottling line is designed to streamline your production process and enhance your bottling efficiency.

Key Features:

4 Head Filling System: Ensures consistent and precise filling for various bottle sizes.
Benchtop Design: Compact and easy to integrate into any production setup.
High Efficiency: Streamlined operation for fast and reliable bottling.
User-Friendly Interface: Simple controls for easy operation and setup.

Model: CP19
Type: Benchtop 4 Head
Suitable for: Cider, Beer, Wine,
Condition: Like New, purchased before the COVID era, this bottling line does not seem to much use.
Includes: Includes a pump, semi-auto 4-head crown capper, and a bottle rinser. Cover comes with

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