Mueller Falling Film Water Chiller & Condenser

Listed: 02/29/2024

Price: $18,000

  • NY

Mueller, Falling Water Chiller Cabinet

Model #NN1N-04-B113

3’X5’ Stainless Steel Cabinet

4 Evaporator Sanitary Plates (in an 8-plate cabinet)

Size of Cabinet: 2-8 plates

Tank Connection: 1-3”

Number of Circuits: 1

Refrigerant TypeR-404A

Control Box ASSY Multi Voltage 460/60/3


Mueller, Condensing unit ACLD #COL-2500H

Model #: COL-2500-263BM.

HP 25

Voltage 460/60/3

Pump, Water Circulation 0.5 HP

2 Fans one 2 HP, one 0.5 HP

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