7BBL Automatic Direct Fired Brewhouse for CBC2024 in Las Vegas, in April 21-23th, 2024

Listed: 12/12/2023

Price: $52,000

We will show a 7bbl automatic direct fired brewhouse at CBC2024 in Las Vegas, April 21-23th, 2024! The brewhouse is for sale now, with top quality and discounted price!


7bbl direct fired two-vessel brewhouse with 15bbl direct fired HLT, including all pneumatic valves and automatic control panel, 3 pumps, PHE, indoor steam condensor, flow meters, pressure sensors, pipeline and platform. Below is its differences with the common brewhouse with manual butterfly valves.


1. 3 IFM flowmeters are added. 1 is for measuring volume of mashing water, 1 is for measuring the wort volume from lauter to kettle. 1 is for measuring the wort volume from heat exchanger to fermenters.

2. 3 IFM liquid level switches are added in order to realize automatic lautering and auto wort transfer from lautering to kettle to fermenters. You can set time freely from the HMI.

3. 1 pressure sensor is added in 15bbl HLT to realize automatic water supply and stop.

4.  More than 35 sets of manual butterfly valves are changed to pneumatic butterfly valves.

5. Control panel is used of 15″ big HMI+PLC with programming. Remote module is included. The program can be modified easily online by WIFI by our engineers from China, so it is easier for maintenance. Danfoss VFD for the mash agitator, 2 wort pumps,1 HLT pump are included.

6. Automatic temperature control points for 6 fermenters and 2 brite tanks are included in this control panel. So, the fermenters and BTs can be conntected to the panel directly.


Top quality, reasonable price!


Please contact us for price and details!


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