Spike Trio double batch 1 bbl

Listed: 04/29/2024

Price: $7,000

Feeler…not 100% certain I want to lose this gem.   I bought this from a brewery last summer in hopes of eventually starting a microbrew eventually. Life happened. I got a new job. Moved from upstate NY to Southern Delaware, had 1 dog develop cancer which has accumulated over $20k in debt, another dog was paralyzed by the vet, so dealing with costs associated with her recovery, and the new house, simply doesn’t have room for a 1 bbl system.   I never even had an opportunity to set it all up, but it was purchased from a very successful legitimate brewery so I assume everything works as it should. I’m still in contact with the owner/brewer, who is a fantastic guy.   This is not the current version, however, it works the same. 3 vessel HERMS, 2 elements in each the HLT and BK, any 2 elements can be run at a time.   Used 20+ times over 2 years, just replaced the elements in the HLT and the BK 2 brews ago.   From my knowledge, all hoses and quick disconnects are included. Pretty self explanatory. System is currently being stored in Lebanon, PA.   Asking price, is pretty firm as I really need the cash to put towards my dogs vet bills.   Thanks for looking!

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