Turnkey Electric Homebrew Set

Listed: 05/14/2024

Price: $3,500

Make me an offer. I want this out of my house!


Brew craft beer at home! Everything you need to make the best possible craft beer up to 10 gallon batches (7 gallon fermentor +7 gallon brew bucket), and the whole setup will fit in your garage, basement, or extra bedroom-your kids are at college they don’t need the space!

This is a well thought out complete electric brew system for new or serious brewers who have a passion for the process and want to make professional level beer!


The whole system is assembled & ready to go. Far too many items to list here, but I can assure that you’d have every piece you need to do the whole thing-getting milled grain to pulling the tap. I have attached the best overall pictures, but will send more detailed pictures and descriptions as needed. Email or message.


Looking to sell the COMPLETE lot (not splitting it up at this time.)

Too much to itemize, but the whole set  includes all the vessels/kettles, pumps, food grade hoses, food grade valves, hardware, and many more authentic/food grade accessories. Everything brewery related you see in the pictures goes!


-The Brewery contains 3×10 gallon blichman kettles that uses E-HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculation Mash System) to maintain the Mash temperature. The mash tun has all the metal filters. The sparge arm/float is connected. There is an extra one in the set.

-Electric brewing supply PID 2 element system controller. This is for controlling pumps, heating, and cooling in a more automated fashion. See picture of the bottom for all connectors, but the kettles have thermistors and all 220V plugs/connectors. This is a 30 amp control panel with a love control boil circuit upgrade.
Again, this is an electric system so it will need a 220 volt to run correctly.


-Copper counter-flow chiller


-SS Brewtech brewing bucket with cooling coil-7 gallons with thermostat, jacket, DC powered heating element. It has  2 lids. One that connects to the glycol chiller and one that a has a single hole for pressure transfers, etc…


-SS Brewtech conical fermenter with cooling coil-7 gallons with all quick drains, pressure gauge, CO2 connector, connector to fill keg.
Both fermentors have jackets and heating elements that connect to digital exterior thermostats; The DC power packs are connected.

The original SSbrewtech pressure release is included, this one has an upgraded pressure valve.


-SS Brewtech Glycol chiller 1/5 horsepower with 2 pumps; one connected to the 7 gallon fermentor. Second pump is not connected to the smaller fermentor, but can be with additional food grade tubing. Neoprene cover and quick connect piece is there it is just not hooked up.


-2 Food grade chugger pumps and one magnetic in line chugger pump.

-Associated clamps connections, and tubing are included- check out the pictures or ask for any additional details.

Not looking to sell individual parts.

Additional pieces for sale:

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis 2 stage powered/pump operated system. Allows for continual flow of RO water for brewing process $200


Broan 750 CFM vent hood for additional $250

2 basin utility sink (faucets not included or racks) $200

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