6500 BTU Brewha Chiller with 2 Pumps + Hoses

Listed: 05/18/2024

Price: $750

Selling our 6500 BTU chiller with 2 circulation pumps and hoses.  We used the unit to cool our two 15 BBL fermenters.  It was able to maintain fermentation temperature and then crash cool them down.

This unit cost $2200 new with the hoses.  Selling for $750 + shipping.

It has been in use for a year with zero issues.  We just sized up to 30 BBL fermenters and while we’re pretty sure this chiller would have been able to maintain fermentation temps, the new chiller is sized for our future expansion.

The hoses are silicone and come with 1.5 inch triclamp attachments.   They are 8 feet in length.  You can always buy more silicone hose for longer runs.  We plugged the pumps into inkbird controllers which are not included.  You can find them on amazon for $35.  Also suggest putting check valves on the pump size but they can be found at home depot.

You can see the details for the unit here.  Ours is the 6500 BTU with 2 pumps and 2 hoses – https://brewhaequipment.com/products/water-beer-and-wort-chiller?variant=14217087090740

Small footprint, high BTU, easy to use unit.  It’s great, if they made a bigger one we would’ve bought it.

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