2010 COMAC 2T Semiautomatic Keg Washer/Filling Line

Listed: 02/15/2024

Price: $15,000

2010 COMAC 2T Semiautomatic Keg Washer/Filling Line

2 head machine

·       First head – Step 1: Purge with air, Step 2: CIP, Step 4: Rinse

·       Second head – Step 1: Sanitize with steam, Step 2: Purge with CO2, Step 3: Fill

Uses steam to sanitize.  Can run on high-pressure or low-pressure steam.  We were running it at 10-14 PSI.

Siemens PLC

Steam heated CIP reservoir

Stainless Keg Chute

Stainless CO2 pressure reducer

Stainless air pressure reducer

Cast Iron steam pressure reducer

Cleans and fills 24 1/2 BBL kegs per hour, or 40 1/6 BBL kegs per hour when operated with 10-14 PSI steam.  Speed increases significantly with higher pressure steam.

240V, 3 Phase, 60 H

We operated this keg washer/filler for 13 years and we just decommissioned it.  It works really well and is well maintained, though it shows signs of use.

We have spare parts, manuals, and copies of all programs.

Located in Denver CO

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