Extraction Tanks

Listed: 01/29/2024

Price: $40,000

Extraction Tank Model, Weight, and Volume: Chinz TQ-1.0, 1965 lbs, 1000 liters

Extraction Tank Approximate Dimensions: 70” wide x 128” tall

Working Platform Dimensions: 12,000 L x 3,000 W x 3,000 H (mm) | In feet, that is approximately 40ft L x 10ft W x 10ft H

Location: Dallas, TX

Additional info: There are three extraction tanks. The tanks are steam-jacketed, equipped with agitators, fully-dumping, and have never been used. We purchased the tanks from a company that was planning to do CBD extraction. The platform has also never been assembled and it includes the columns, stairs, and railing.

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