Extraction Tanks, Vacuum Concentrator, and Working Platform / Catwalk

Listed: 06/12/2024

Price: $25,000

Extraction Tanks, Vacuum Concentrator, and Working Platform / Catwalk

Asking Price: $25,000

Extraction Tank Model, Weight, and Volume: Chinz TQ-1.0, 1965 lbs, 1000 liters

Extraction Tank Approximate Dimensions: 70” wide x 128” tall

Vacuum Concentrator Model, Volume, and Dimensions: QN-0.5, 500L, 10’ 8” tall and 52” in diameter

Working Platform Dimensions: 12,000 L x 3,000 W x 3,000 H (mm) | In feet, that is approximately 40ft L x 10ft W x 10ft H

Location: Dallas, TX

Additional info: There are three extraction tanks and one vacuum concentrator. The tanks are steam-jacketed, equipped with agitators, fully-dumping, and have never been used. We purchased the tanks from a company that was planning to do CBD and essential oil extraction. From our understanding, the tanks can be used for coffee and tea too. The platform has also never been assembled and it includes the columns, stairs, and railing. As you can see from the example picture, the extraction tanks sit in the platform and can be fully-dumped underneath.

More pictures can be found here.

If interested, email [email protected].

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