Turnkey 77bl Brewhouse

Listed: 03/20/2024

Price: $65,000

For Sale: Everything you need to hit the ground running…complete turnkey 7bbl brewhouse which was purchased new in 2019 from Stout Tanks. System includes 7bbl insulated mash tun with VFD controlled rake, 7bbl direct fired boil kettle complete with propane burner, electronic ignition control unit, and 10″x 3′ metal fab venting, contoured platform and main control box…also included is a Thermaline dual stage heat exchanger, two 1/2hp Marathon pumps, a 20 gallon stainless steel wort grant as well as all the necessary tri-clamp fittings…On the fermentation/cellar side you get 4 7bbl unitank fermenters, 2 7bbl brite tanks all with spray balls, racking arms, pressure gauges, a Chillstar series glycol chiller from Pro Chillers with 20 gallons of new glycol for your first charge, also included is a cellar tank control box consisting of 6 temp controllers, one for each tanks cooling solenoid valve…There are also 7 Unisource sanitary hoses included as well as a grain mill with 50lb hopper, 5 wine barrel racks, over a 1000lbs. of grain from Montana malt and Proximity malt, a flow meter, and an array of tri clamp fittings including a sight glass, check valves, 6 carb stones, tees, elbows, etc… literally everything you need to get production rolling. Buyer will be responsible for shipping as we no longer have access to a forklift…we will definitely help with finding and coordinating with local shippers/riggers and we will lag bolt the chiller and the heat exchanger to skids as well as crating and palletizing all fittings and control boxes.

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