(2) Premier Stainless Systems Keg Washers (Model # KW-SA-3V-CS) – Modified to 5 Head, Well Maintained

Listed: 06/27/2024

Price: $10,000

We are offering two well-maintained Premier Stainless Systems Keg Washers, Model # KW-SA-3V-CS, available for purchase. Originally 3 head washers, both units have been professionally modified to 5 head washers to enhance efficiency. These machines have been in consistent use since their manufacture in October 2014 and remain in excellent working condition.   Specifications: Model: KW-SA-3V-CS Serial Numbers: 14KW126A and 14KW126B Manufacture Date: October 2014 Heads: Modified from 3 heads to 5 heads Condition: Well maintained, currently in use Price: $10,000 each Availability FOB (Free On Board) from our location. Crating, rigging, and shipping costs are not included in the listed price and will be the responsibility of the buyer.: August 1st Features: Manually loaded and PLC operated Dedicated detergent, water, and optional acid reservoirs Adjustable CO2 pressurizing capabilities Reliable pneumatic stainless angle seat valves Heavy-duty stainless steel construction Digital temperature controller for detergent tank Peristaltic sanitizer pump Performance: Original Configuration: Capable of cleaning up to 30 kegs per hour as a 3-head washer Modified Configuration: Estimated to handle around 50 kegs per hour with the 5-head modification Included in Sale: Comprehensive maintenance records User manual and modification details Contact Information: To inquire further or arrange a viewing, please contact us at [email protected]

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