7bbl, 3 vessel, steam brewhouse. SK PROSPERO

Listed: 02/19/2024

Price: $99,000

This is a great, compact brewhouse. We can easily double batch and fill our 20HL (17bbl) FVs – also listed for sale.

Well labeled and easy to use.

Comes with these extras:

Steam plumbing with 4 F & T traps, check valves, grist case on load cells, mash out grain chute and pump rebuild parts.

More info here: https://prosperoequipment.com/compact-brewhouse-bh/

Current replacement price for this unit without the extras is $158,000

BH3 7 BBL/10 HL U 230V 60HZ 3PHCompact brewhouseNominal volume: 7 BBL/10 HLUse: Multi-step infusion mashingMarket denomination: USupply voltage: 230V 60Hz 3PHMATNR: 130830BASIC COMPONENTFRAME- 676519

Walk-on platform with staircase and guardrails. The central layout provides easy access to all workstations and connections, as well as great control and supervision over the entire work process.…

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