Fully-Equipped 1/2 BBL Pilot Brewery

Listed: 06/08/2024

Price: $6,500

*For Sale: Fully Equipped 1/2 BBL Brewery*
Unleash your brewing potential with our complete, electrically powered 1/2 BBL HERMS brewery. This setup provides everything you need to run a smooth operation, allowing you to focus on crafting exceptional brews.

– A 3-vessel, 1/2 BBL, bottom-draining, electric HERMS brew rig.
– 220v controller with Auber EzBoil PIDs, TC Thermocouples, and pump switches.
– Dual pumps
– Counterflow chiller.
– All necessary hoses and camlock fittings.

– Two fully-equipped Spike Brewing conical fermenters.
– Insulated jackets, heaters, cooling coils, and controllers
– Glycol chiller
– Stainless tri-clamp fittings, valves, sight glasses, and more.

– Keg fridge for storage/lagering
– 8 Corny kegs
– 4-tap kegerator with a digital tap-list display and computer
– 2-tap stainless steel jockey box

**Additional Features**
– CO2 Distribution system
– Oxygenation system
– Two Tilt Hydrometers and an EasyDens hydrometer
– Brewhouse computer
– Double stainless sink with spray hose.
– Keg washer.
– Stir plate, flasks, and magnets.
– Floor scale and ingredient scale.
– Grain mill with motor (not connected).

This comprehensive brewery setup is designed to streamline your brewing process and enhance your craft. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your brewing to the next level!

Note: Shipping is not included.

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