13 BBL Whirlpool Vessel

Listed: 07/02/2024

Price: $6,500

Turn your 2-vessel system into a 3-vessel system, and double your daily throughput.   We went from an 8-hour single brew day to an 11-hour double brew day!

This 13 bbl Craftwerk whirlpool was manufactured to receive wort from a 12 bbl kettle.  Pump straight from your kettle at the end of boil through the tangential inlet.  After a 30-minute settle, it forms a TIGHT cone, making for a super clean knockout.

It has both a high and low outlet, so you get virtually no hop trub into your knockout line, even on big hop bomb beers.  Plus a large center dump valve makes for easy cleanout.  There is also an installed top-mount light.

The spray ball makes for an easy CIP, and you can see from the pictures that it is spotless inside.

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