Used 7 Barrel Brew House – Available to Ship Now

Listed: 05/15/2024

Price: $13,000

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We are selling our 7 BBL brew house, complete with a direct fire 8 BBL kettle, 9 BBL mash lauder tun, an 8 BBL hot liquor tank, a grant, and a heat exchanger. Everything is ready for shipping and installation.

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Kettle: brand unknown, 260 gallons, double walled tank. Has some stains, dings, and dents but no leaks. Has a whirlpool valve and pipe, CIP spray ball, and comes with a direct fire Economite/Fenwal burner. Burner comes uninstalled for easier transportation. Easy connection for kettle vents. Max safe boil is 230 gallons, whirlpool works really well.

MLT: C.E. Howard, 300 gallons, double walled tank. False bottom plates come out and are easy to spray off and clean. Movable arm for vorlauf and lauter. Has some dings and stains but no leaks.

HLT: brand unknown, 260 gallons, double walled tank. Does not have a heating element but it does have extra ports to add connections. Removable lid on top. No leaks and keeps water hot for a long while.

Grant: Chapman Thermobarrel UniVessel, 10 gallons, used as a grant with the MLT. Comes with a conical filter and lid.

Heat Ex: CPE Systems Inc., 6.66 m2, works great, comes with sight glass and a thermometer.

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