Relocation Sale Weeping Radish

Listed: 11/03/2023

Price: $75,000

Basic Equipment Canning Line Gaskets Heating Gaskets Racking Arms Spray Balls for Brites Proximity Sensor 4 Pin Photo Eye and Can Count Pallet Jack Yeast Brink Keg Washer Alpha Mill Auger Manway gasket A (Old BBT’s) Manway gasket B (Old BBT’s w/ new door) Manway gasket C (JVNW BBT’s) Manway gasket D (20 bbl FV’s)x4 Canning line gaskets Canning line gaskets Tilting Hop Infuser Pipe Supports High pressure clamps Fermentation tank thermometers Sight glasses Tees Brewer’s hose (10 ft with 1 1/2″ TC ends) Label maker Thread checker Gauge size checker Feeler gauges Water filter Carbonation QD (nipple to 1.5″ TC) MNPTxQD plug (1/4″ coupling x 1/4″ pipe) MNPTxQD plug (1/4″ coupling x 3/8″ pipe) Ball valve (1/4″ fnpt) 1/4″ MNPT Nipple Check valves (3/8″ female npt) Hose barb (3/8″ barb x 3/8″ male npt) CO2 hose (3/8″ ID 100′ spool) QD Sleeve (3/8″ MNPT x QD 1/4″) Carb Stone (12″) Carb Stones (8″) Outside Connection Tri-Clamp Primary co2 Regulator Chemical Ezi-Action Manual Pumps for 5 Gallon Pail Ezi-Action Manual Pump for 55-Gallon Drum Quality + Sanitation Sieve 8″ brass lid Sieve 8″ brass pan Sieve 8″ brass #14 TC flow meter Microscope Cell counting kit Large Scale Small Scale Ultrasonic cleaner Autoclave (pressure cooker) Hot Plate Sample Valves Refractometer pH meter ph meter calibration solutions Mash Temp Probe Portable brewing thermometer CIP Arms Grist Case Lid 4″ Triclamp keg spear Adapter, male Adapter, female Pressure gage adapter Ball valves (3/8″) Nipples (3/8″ x 3/8″ MNPT) Butterfly valves Repair + Parts Bay Breeze Refrigeration Repairs Glycol Canning line parts New ink & parts for can printer Air compressor Triclamp reducers Y pump seal & gasket kit Steam trap installations & relief valve

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