“Elevating the customer experience through the power of draft beverage”

Our founder Albert Wauters is a second-generation Belgian beer man who developed the first generation DOLIUM one way kegs after more than 25 years of R&D and Product Development. And like many great ideas, DOLIUM disposable PET keg was born out of necessity; Albert could not find the solution, with all the features (like full compatibility with current systems, all fittings, 100% recyclable with the highest safety level via a re-closable valve system) he was looking for on the market, so he struck out on his own and brought the first DOLIUM keg to market in 2013.

By offering a user friendly, cost-efficient, and sustainable alternative to stainless steel kegs, DOLIUM® solves the problems many beverage companies face with the high costs of low-rotation markets and long-distance shipping.

Today, DOLIUM has manufacturing and sales in Antwerp, BE, Lincoln, NE, and Beijing, China and distribution partners in 35 countries and a regional head office in the US.

DOLIUM is considered by many to be the standard in one-way packaging solutions to the beverage industry.

Dolium has distributors in all key markets.
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Global - Antwerp Belgium / Regional - Greater Boston, USA