Barrel Dump Station

Price: $6990

ABE’s Barrel Cask-It is designed to eliminate the labor and often cumbersome chore of emptying whiskey, wine, or any other spirit barrel. With its solid stainless steel frame and top-mounted rollers for easy barrel rotation, we’ve taken all the guess work out of emptying your barrels. Simply set your full barrel atop the adjustable rollers and rotate your barrel, allowing its contents to discharge through a false bottom and out to the drain. The top-mounted rollers can be positioned in multiple locations, accommodating a wide range of barrel sizes and positions. Don’t get buried in labor emptying barrels; rest in peace knowing you have the ABE Barrel Cask-It to take care of you.


  • 115 gallon total volume
  • 87 gallon volume below false bottom
  • 1.5″ sanitary drain
  • Can accommodate a variety of barrels and bung locations
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