ABE CraftCan Iso40

Price: $99100

The CraftCan Iso40 from ABE is the perfect counter pressure filling option for beverage producers looking for an inline, easily adjustable solution capable of packaging a variety of can sizes and beverages with varying CO2 or LN2 levels. This unit allows operators to switch from various can sizes with minimal effort while not compromising the quality of the packaged product. The CraftCan Iso40 is capable of packaging up to 40 cans-per-minute of high-volume CO2 or LN2 products and is built with ABE’s Patented ServoSeamer technology.

– Utilizes counter pressure filling / isobaric techniques to allow you to fill a wide range of beverages up to 4.0 volumes of CO2
– Package up to 40 cans-per-minute (cpm) based on 12 oz cans
– Patented ServoSeamer technology allows for precise seam adjustment and real-time seam monitoring
– Dissolved oxygen pick-up is 10-25ppb under proper operation
– Designed and assembled in Lincoln, Nebraska
– PLC touchscreen operation with fully adjustable cycle times. Seamers also adjustable with the touch of a button
– 6-Head, counter pressure, stainless steel filling assembly with CO2 or Nitrogen pre-purge for reliable oxygen evacuation
– UL certified (UL 508A) control cabinets (UL file E48337)
– See through fill drum provides real-time view of product stability
– CIP compatible with pre-programed instructions
– Nitrogen doser compatible for packaging beverages requiring LN2 vs CO2
*Positive displacement pump required to feed CraftCan Iso40. Positive displacement pump ensures adequate pressure is feeding the internal fill drum.


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