Floating Lid Wine Tanks for Sale

Listed: 02/25/2024

Price: $4,500

  • Ningbo

We have new varaible volume wine fermentation tanks/ floating lid wine fermentation tank for sale, top quality and good price!

1. Materials: stainless steel 304/316L

2. With floating lid, winder and rotating beam apparatus

3. with sample valve, bright wine valve, breather valve

4. Single wall without insulation

5. With dimple plate cooling jackets

6. Wine contact parts and valves are stainless steel 316L, jackets and legs are stainless steel 304

7. Sloping bottom

8. Dimple plate cooling jacket, on tank wall, with glycol inlet and outlet

9. With a bottom side manways;

10. With 2” bright wine valve and drain valve;

11. With sample valve

12. With temperature probe

13. Four stainless steel legs, with adjustable bolts on tank feet

Manufacture according to the tank drawing confirmed by buyer

• Top quality, reasonable price and ready for delivery!

Please contact us for price and details!

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