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CraftMaster Stainless proudly offers the most innovative brewing equipment that helps brewers create even more delicious beer. The latest addition to our equipment inventory is the dry hopper, which is an excellent tool for maintaining your hops’ crucial flavor and aromas during dry hopping.

Also known as a hop doser, this instrument excluded oxygen from the hops by pressurizing the vessel with CO2 gas. By eliminating the oxygen, the hops can stay fresher longer and maintain their unique character, creating a beer bursting with aroma and flavor.

Once the oxygen is eliminated from the dry hopper, it drops the hops into the fermenter through a four-inch butterfly valve attached to the hopping port for a fast and efficient dry hopping process.
Purchase a dry hopper for your brewery at CraftMaster Stainless or contact our expert staff if you have any questions about the hop doser or any other brewing equipment in our inventory. Please check out the Dry Hopper at https://www.craftmasterstainless.com/dry-hopper-hop-doser

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