(7) 60 BBL Unitank Fermenters

Listed: 11/16/2023

Price: $6,000

These vessels are fully constructed from #304 stainless steel. Fermenters to be designed with 25%-30% head space for fermentation. Vessel designed for 15 psig operating pressure.

DOM 2014

Common Specs:

Cylindroconcial vessel
60 degree included angle bottom cone
6” TC port for dry hopping
Side manway
Analog thermometer on 1.5” TC Fitting
Internal CIP assembly with removable top fitting and downtube
Removable CIP spool piece with pressure gauge and port for CO2 inlet
Pressure relief downtube with 2” pressure relief/vacuum break
sample valve on 1.5” TC fitting
1.5” outlet on bottom cone with butterfly valve for yeast cropping
Side racking assembly; internal rotating arm, 1.5” butterfly valve
Four stainless steel pipe legs with adjustable feet.
Lifting lugs located on top of vessel
Glycol Jackets:

2 dimple plate glycol cooling jackets (rated @ 15 psig) located on side and one on bottom cone, top of each side jacketed to be located at 30 and 60 bbl fill heights

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