3bbl Direct Fire Brewhouse

Listed: 02/14/2023

Price: $15,000

Selling our 3bbl Brewhouse from Stout Tanks. It is Natural Gas, Direct Fired with Ward Burners with Safety Controls for the HLT and BK. This was our original brewhouse that we purchased brand new in 2017, We didn’t begin using it until mid-2018 and took it offline in 2021 when we moved our production to another facility. The system fires up and works great, it has produced award winning beer and is a workhorse.

The brewhouse includes:

“3bbl” Hot Liquor Tank with HERMS coil (120 gallon capacity, may be more, it’s been a while)

3bbl Mash Tun with Sparge Arm (Holds Approximately 300lbs Malt Max)

“3bbl” Boil Kettle with Whirlpool and Condensate Stack (135 gallon capacity)

2x CPE Stainless Washdown 1/2hp Pumps

Mobile Pump – C114MD Centrifugal Pump Assembly (BRAND NEW in box, paid $2912)

CPE30H-55D-SS Heat Exchanger sized for 5bbl with a Pre-Chiller

Bru Gear Control Panel (can have some automation with proper setup)

Oxygenation stone, valves, gaskets, hoses and clamps included. There may be additional things I’m forgetting that are included as well.

Check out my other listings and we can possibly work a bundle deal. I have a 3/4hp Chiller, 7bbl Unitanks, a 7bbl Brite tank and more.

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