Home Brew – Full Equipment Sale

Price: $250

This is for essentially all the equipment you would need to do extract brewing at home! It has only been used a few times – a failed habit of mine. Hopefully you will be more successful that I was! This is for the entire lot. I won’t be piecing anything out separately. Darkstar 2.0 Gas Burner 5 Gallon Carboy w/ temp gauge 6 Gallon Carboy w/ temp gauge Carboy funnel Bottling bucket with spigot Beer bottle drying tree How to Brew – Bible/book for beer making 1 Step Sanitizer (50% gone) Bottle Brush Carboy Brush Tubing Bottle Capper Hydrometer Bottle Filler External thermometer Kettle stirring spoon Auto-Siphon 2x airlock bubblers Copperhead immersion wort chiller (missing tubing) 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Pot

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