NEW Automated Turnkey 3.5 BBL Electric System

Listed: 06/28/2023

Price: $120,000

We have a NEVER USED 3.5 BBL TURNKEY system with fully automated cellar and brewing controls by Brewmation featuring Stout tanks, Brewmation keg washer, and G&D chiller. – 290 GAL HLT, 155 GAL Insulated MT with Rakes and Plow, 190 GAL Insulated Dome Top KTL. Electric (RIMS). CIP Spray balls, Wort Grant/Hop Back, Condensate Stack Adapter, Pumps. – Color Touch screen Electric controls- All pumps and heaters controlled via touch screen. – 6 137 GAL Jacketed Fermenters, 2 zone, CIP arm, 304 Stainless, unitank components included. – Fermentation automation module includes separate enclosure that communicates back to the main touch screen to measure and control temperatures for up to 8 fermenters. Also includes cellar management module allowing for remote connection of software app for full monitoring and control of all tanks. – 1.5 HP G&D Nano Chiller (11,200 BTUs @ 30F glycol temp) – Stout Tanks Malt Mill (100# capacity, 30#/minute), with Auger kit – 2 Head Kegwasher from Brewmation – Much much more, all hoses, etc. included for turnkey operation email: [email protected]

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