IDD Pilot 10 gallon brew system

Price: $3,000

This 10-gallon Pilot Brew System was manufactured by IDD, the makers of equipment supplied to Commercial Breweries throughout the world. It is designed to allow commercial brewers to do test batches of their beer recipes before investing in thousands of dollars in supplies for their multi-barrel batches of beer.

I have been using this system to make award winning beer in homebrew competitions, parties and for family friends and neighbors. The system is adjusted for natural gas and ready to be plugged into the gas line at your home just like a Bar-B-Que or easily converted to propane to be set up anywhere you like.
The all-stainless steel system comes complete with:
1. (Tree-style) Configuration stand,
2. Connecting stainless steel tubing
3. ½ HP high-temp circulating motor.
4. 13L (10 gallon) Hot Liquor tank.
5. 13L (10 Gallon) insulated Mash Tung W/screen
6. 13L (10 Gallon) Boil Kettle
7. 6 Micron in-line water filter.
8. Immersion Copper Wort Chiller with electric water pump.
9. 4 Food-grade plastic big mouth carboys,
10. Multi-sizes of plastic tubing and plenty of extra washers.
11. 15-pound automatic grain mill with stand and motor.
12. Assorted glass wear/hydrometers/racking canes.
13. 15 lbs. 2 row with storage barrel.
14. Assorted frozen Hops
15. 80 lb. CO2 tank (Does NOT include regulator)
16. Assortment of Beer Growlers-Glass and Plastic

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