BREWHA 5BBL Electric Kettle w/ Control Panel

Listed: 12/19/2023

Price: $7,500

This equipment was purchased new in 2020. The BREWHA BIAC system is an extremely versatile and space saving solution for both brewing and cellaring. This listing is for the 4-in-1 conical fermenter setup with heating hardware and controller mounted on heavy duty casters for mobility. In this facility it was set up to use as a HLT to feed a stand alone mash/lauter tun and then receive wort and complete the boil. In addition, the vessel is jacketed for temperature control fermentation and pressure rated to serve as a brite/serving tank. By adding just the Mash Colander, available from BREWHA, and a way to hoist it you will have the entire BIAC system designed with capability to perform all tasks including preparation of strike water, mash and lauter with RIMS enabled vorlauf, boil/wp, chilling/pitching/fermentation and pressure rated as a unitank or brite tank for packaging/serving. In addition BREWHA sells distillation condenser and tower tri-clamp attachments allowing the system to also produce pot or column distilled spirits all in a single, mobile vessel. POWER: 208 VAC, Ph: 3, 125 A Fuses, (SEE ATTACHED PDF for exact machine) MAWP VESSEL: 14 PSIG at 212ºF, MAWP Jacket: 7 PSIG at 212ºF, SN. 41002027, Touchscreen Electrical Control Panel What’s included in this listing: -BREWHA 5 bbl 4-in-1 electric kettle with heating element assembly -Touchscreen control panel

What’s not included: Mash colander setup

Reason for selling: Electrical requirements at my location are forcing me to have a direct-fired kettle instead of electric. (note: cross-posted on other sites)

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