55 Gallon barrel still

Price: $1,100

Used only a couple times. Information below is from the web site we purchased from.

This 55 gallon still was built from a used maple syrup barrel. This still has a stainless steel head with a copper Liebig condenser.
All of our copper heads and columns are TIG welded using food grade DHP copper welding rod. This means that the welds are as strong, or stronger, than the surrounding metal. This DHP copper rod melts at around 1,700° F, while the solder that our competitors use melts at around 400°F. Solder joints are not nearly as strong as our welds, plus solder is messy, runs and gets all over the metal, while our welds are tight, clean and pretty.
These 55 gallon stills are made from used stainless steel food grade barrels and may have some small dings and dents. This 55 gallon still is durable and is made with the highest quality. If you are looking for a pot still that is easy to operate, this 55 gallon still is for you.


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