Spike Brewing 1bbl Trio Pilot System with “The Crusher” Grain Mill + Cambro hopper, & 15 Corny Kegs

Listed: 09/23/2023

Price: $8,000

Just starting up or need a pilot system? This Spike V1, 240 volt, HERMS 1bbl system got us through 3 years of recipe development and 2 years of production as a nanobrewery. We upgraded to a larger system this year and no longer need it.

Buyer must arrange for pick-up from Milwaukee, WI. We do not have the free time to figure out shipping.

This is a used system, sold as is. It was last operated in January of 2023.


1. Control panel.

2. 1 each; 55 gal. boil, mash, & HLT. Kettles are 304 stainless & have valves, fittings, sight glasses mounted. Each kettle has a .5 in thick for optional direct firing.

3. Custom height stainless steel table w/ pump mounting brackets & leveling feet.

4. 3x cpss-in-1 pumps w/ brackets, spare heads.

5. 2x power cables for pumps.

6. 7 heating elements.

7. 3x kettles lids.

8. 1 ported, domed lid for use on BK.

9. Various nuts.

10. Temp sensor & cables.

11. Power cables w/ spare connectors.

12. Copper coil heat exchanger.

13. Analog temp probes.

14. 2 small pick-up/ down tubes, installed in kettles.

15. 4 medium pick-up/down tubes.

16. 1 large pick-up for mash.

17. False bottom for mash.

18. 7x .5 in PTC fittings.

19. 6x .25 in PTC fittings.

20. “The Barley Crusher” w/ 15# hopper, drill, wheeled Cambro w/ lid.

21. 3g stainless steel slop bucket.

22. 15x 5 gal. Corney kegs w/ new/spare seals.

Note: Does not include 3/4″ silicone tubing.

Additional pictures & video are available.

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