3bbl Turnkey Brewhouse

Listed: 10/10/2023

Price: $35,000

Complete 3bbl Brewhouse by Stouts Tanks and Kettles. Includes: Boil Kettle w/lid and condensation stack, Mash Tun (non-jacketed) w/lid, 4 FV’s with cooling coils, 2 Brite Tanks, Penguin Chillers Glycol machine with 5 mini pumps and 5 Ink Bird controllers, 1bbl sparge tank w/magnetic drive pump and Blichmann Tower of Power controls and heating element, 80 gallon water heater,  Kegging manifold (can keg 4 kegs simultaneously; also works for keg washing), SS table with wheels (used with kegging manifold for keg washing), keg filling FOB,  3/4 hp wort pump, 3/4 hp cart pump (only used for cleaning), 20’/10’/5’ transfer hoses, 2x 2.5’ transfer hoses, 100’ industrial garden hose with nozzle and wall mounts, 140+ tri-clamps and seals, butterfly valves, various ball valves, multiple SS spool pipes (lengths ranging from 2-15”, 90 & 45 degree elbows, t-spools and X spool) CIP balls (static and rotating), test equipment (Co2 tester, pH meter, hydrometer), Brewmation controls, thermometers and thermowells, carbonation stones, plate chiller, sparge arm, multiple ss end caps, racking arms for FV, 2 barrel racks for barrel aging. Call or e-mail Kevin @ 633 Brewing at [email protected] or (717)-658-3531. Located at 118 Walnut St. Suit 6 Waynesboro Pa. 17268

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