Keg Washer (Masterkeg compact MB 01 S)

Price: $5,000

Selling our old keg washer… please email at just[email protected] or [email protected] if any interest. Price is OBO. No shipping, have to pickup in person.


MASTERKEG For the washing and filling of the kegs, SIFA suggests Masterkeg, a range of machines projected and realized with particular attention to the sanitary aspect and available in different sizes and models. The whole structure of the machine, such as the parts that get in contact with the liquid are entirely made up in stainless steel inox AISI 304. The filling-head has been studied with particular attention in order to avoid any contact of the product to the air and to grant the filling in full sterility. The washing system has been studied to ensure: a) A good washing b) The verifying and check of the rinsing c) The check – at every final working phase – of the missing presence of liquid in the keg, controlling that way any undesired pouring and also giving the certainty of the correct discharge phases. The machines are prearranged for the connection to the steam generator, for the hot sterilization of the tanks. The control and check features are placed in a hermetically sealed control panel and managed electronically by a PLC. Our valves for the check of the washing and filling cycles, are made up in bloom-turned stainless steel inox, and thanks to their excellent intern finish, permits an easy-wash and sterilization, avoiding a settle of dirt. Moreover, the special solid structure in stainless steel grants an excellent resistance to the wear and reduces to the minimum the ordinary maintenance.

THE RANGE: There is a vast range of installations, divided by hourly production and by different automatism levels.

MODEL · Masterkeg compact MB 01 S

EQUIPMENT · Stainless steel frame · Steel Pipe Product aisi 304/316 L · Electric steel AISI 304 L · Power cable 5 m · Feet adjustable support · Regulators type of stem · Function washing and filling by PLC · Operator interface with touch screen · Sensor detection fluid to the end of each stage of washing and rinsing vaporization (no condensation) · Filling with pressure sensor and maximum liquid level detection · Heating detergent through pocket steam or electric resistance · Electric socket for connection of pump power · Cip tank for basic detergent · Cip tank for acid detergent · Recirculation pumps basic detergent · Recirculation pumps basic detergent and acid · Kit for cleaning and sanitizing filling heads · Use and maintenance manual Italian and English

CYCLES · Pre-washing · Basic washing · Rinsing · Acid wash (on MB) · Rinse · Vaporization · Filling

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