Production 30 bbl Automated 3 Vessel Brewhouse

Listed: 09/06/2023

Price: $230,000

This custom-manufactured Specific Mechanical system is designed for efficiency, speed, and consistent production. Oversized vessels designed for 30+ bbl per knockout with up to 5 turns every 24-hour period. Vessels include extra wide 9’ Mash tun for high gravity brewing, 3 steam jacketed brew kettle and flat sloping bottom whirlpool with side and bottom outlets. All brewing vessels lighted. Mash tun has retractable rakes and bottom pneumatic knife slide gate for connection to grain removal system or bins. HMI-controlled automation for water blending station combined with flow meter for precise temperature control for all phases of brewing including knockout. Knockout water recaptured to HLT. FV controls on HMI. Each vessel includes dedicated pump and process piping. 90 bbl Insulated HLT and CLT with recirculation pumps, distribution pumps, automated level and temperature control and external plate exchangers for heating and cooling. Includes Heat Exchange, HMI control panel, Power control panel, CIP manifold and brewing platform. Custom Hydrometer Station with sight glass to easily capture wort samples for gravities. Get great, consistent beer on every batch with exceedingly accurate data points for each process. Perfect for any expanding production brewery. Decommissioning and recommissioning is available if desired and included in listing price. Complete and detailed specs available upon request. Loading and shipping is buyer’s responsibility.

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