Brewery, Tasting Room, Event Space

Listed: 05/28/2024

Price: $250,000

Located in San Diego, CA. We are looking for someone to take over our location and make it their own! Favorable lease and terms The location is 6,080 sq/ft with an additional 1,500 sqft patio. Perfect for tasting room and events space. We regularly held weddings and large events. Brewery:

  • 15bbl custom steam brewhouse 3 vessel (mash tun, kettle, separate whilpool) american made
  • 30 bbl HLT, 30bbl CLT
  • Four – 15bbl Unitaks
  • One – 15bbl Bite tank
  • Three – 30bbl Unitanks
  • 24cpm canning line
  • semi auto keg washer
  • mill, auger
  • all the fixings!

  Lets talk! We are def motivated!

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