30BBL Brewhouse

Price: $225,000

Quality 30BBL three vessel brewhouse.  40BBl mash tun with mixer, 40 BBL lauter tun with rakes bottom dump, 30BBL kettle with whirlpool inlet, 60BBl HLT, 60BBL CLT, 1.8 million BTU low pressure steam boiler, work platform, control panel, grist hydrator, 60 foot auger, hopper with unloader and load cell.  Currently in service.  Includes all piping, pumps, valves and steam solenoids.  Steam piping can be included if the layout fits your space.  Also available for additional cost 4 30BBL fermenters, 2 30 BBL Uni-Tanks and 2 30 BBL brite tanks with individual temperature controllers and dual glycol jackets on each tank.

Mid Atlantic.  For information and photos contact [email protected]

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