Complete 10 Hl brewhouse, fermentation and conditioning

Listed: 03/20/2023

Price: $1,234

This is a new never used system manufactured by NDL equipment package includes:

Receiving tank 200L Single wall)

Receiving tank 200L (single wall)

Receiving tank 500L (single wall)

Fermentation tank 1000L x 3

Fermentation tank 2000L

Bright tank 1000L (Vertical)

Bright tank 1000L (horizontal) x 9

Bright beer tank 15 BBL

Plate heat exchanger (2phase)

Portable pump

Rite steam boiler 76S w return tank A1040

RAD Cracker mill + Flex auger

Centrifigual pump -BH

Centrifigual pump-BH

Combi brewhouse complete:

Kettle Whirlpool 1000L Control panel,Mash ton 1000L Hot water tank 1400L

Small Parts:

TC clamps 1.5″

Tc clamps 2″

HB-TC fittings 1.5″

HB-TC fittings 2.0″



Additional gear:

High proof alcohol pump

4 x 4 floor scale

Wallace control water filtration

Oktober Growler filler

Walk-in Fridge and Freezer

Distillation pot stil 500L

Contact for more details


250 812 1139

[email protected]


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