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This filler is designed and priced to bridge the gap between manual filling and a fully automatic. Can be used to fill Steel Kegs and all Petainer Kegs. It can also be used for specialized products that cannot be filled on larger production fillers.

Rated to fill:

• 20L (1/6 brl.) kegs at over 40 kegs per hour

• 30L (1/4 brl.) kegs at over 30 kegs an hour

• 58L (1/2 brl) Kegs at over 20 kegs an hour

This filler will give you repeatable gas purging and filling volumes with a steady supply pressure within 0.1L (3.5 fluid oz.), while maintaining the backpressure you require.

It is PLC controlled and has a small HMI screen which allows you to set the parameters you require to fill the keg, such as fill volume and Gas purge times. The screen also allows you to select CIP, Product forward and Filling.

The operator simply couples the keg with the supplied coupler and presses start. The keg is then automatically de-pressurized, purged with gas and then pressurized and filled. After being prompted by the display the Operator raises the handle on the coupler and presses the start push button again and the short hose between the automatic product valve and the coupler is purged with gas. (Note: This step can be bypassed if required.)

New, this filler is priced at $13,000. The condition of this one is as good as new – used only as a demo.

Additional info:

  • Product at 15 to 30 PSI
  • Purge Gas at 25 to 35 PSI
  • Air at 70 to 100 PSI
  • Electric at 115V – 220V AC
  • **The Purge Gas and Product pressures should be set in within the pressure ratings of the keg run***
  • Machine footprint is 24”L x 16”W x 30”H


NOTE: This Filler is NOT being sold for $1 – open to offers.



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