10L Mini Keg – To go Size

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Featured here is our 10L Classic  mini Keg.

Breweries features:

–          To go option for home dispense – Perfect for tap room take away – with so many dispensing options available on-line at home draft beer as never been easier.

–          Smaller format option for (on premise) restaurants who are less likely to be purchase large keg sizes during uncertain time as they are keeping inventory and costs to a min.

–          Ideal size for delivery options in states where applicable.

–          Low rotation beer such as specialty beer, small batch beers are ideal for the 10L kegs.

All kegs arrive sanitized, pre purged and ready to fill. This keg brings additional flexibility to your business, helps you manage seasonal peaks, and access low rotation or new export markets. The Classic Keg is fitted with a spear and is filled and dispensed the same way as a steel keg. The combination of active and passive barriers minimize O2 ingress and CO2 loss and provide UV and Light protection. The puncture-resistant keg wall takes product protection one step further and ensures safe transportation and dispense. Manufactured in North America with well stocked warehouses located through the US leads times are short. Call us today for a free quote.

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