Canning Line -Slim Can Setup 30CPM -LIKE NEW ( $50,000 )

Price: $50,000

TURNKEY CANNING LINE BASE UNIT + ACCUMULATION TABLE W/ INLINE RINSING SET UP FOR SLIM CANS CHART NITROGEN DOSER AVAILABLE AS WELL   This line is expandable at a later date to run double capacity. Target throughput is estimated at 28 cans per minute on the base system, 56 cans per minute after future upgrade. 110v GFCI supply power 20 amp to be provided by user (must be VFD rated) Clean filtered compressed air to be provided by user (6 SFCM minimum , clean, dry and filtered) Co2 for can purge and under cap gas to be provided by user (1/4 tube with quick disconnect) 24 vdc controls package 6” color touch screen for machine control accumulation table with power-feed twist rinse system Operator feeds cans to accumulator table Systems ship standard with rinse water set-up. Customer may modify with pressurized keg sanitizer system easily. Customer supplied sanitizer tanks and plumbing if used Escapement allows cans to chase previously filled cans out of the fill station System will can between 60 to 70 cases per hour (carbonation dependent) 4 head filler, dual ports per station, with independently controlled valves Independent head space fill sensors control valves insuring the same headspace in all cans Industry standard chuck and form tooling (customer must provide can specifications from supplier at time of order) Main System measures 5.5’ tall x 7’ long x 30” deep (fits through doorways) 4’x4’ accumulator mounts in seconds and can be rolled away for storage Casters for easy transport and storage Leveling pads to deal with floor drain slope Can rinse and blow-off tunnel Online maintenance manual Online set-up guide / troubleshooting videos

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